Elements: The Landscape of Scotland

Craig McMaster’s black and white photographs are  available in a book. Beautifully published and designed by Mercat Press (now Birlin), this hardback book is an ideal way to enjoy the photographic art of Craig McMaster.

There are only a few remaining copies available, you can buy them direct from on our website and also on amazon. www.amazon.co.uk.

Elements: The Landscape of Scotland. A book of photography from Craig McMaster.

The Sunday Post newspaper:

“Scottish photographer Craig McMaster follows directly in the photographic and environmentalist traditions of the legendary American nature photographer Ansel Adams with his new book Elements: The Landscape of Scotland. His stunning black and white photographs both record and make a case for protecting our beautiful but fragile landscape.”

Extract from the foreword, by George Wyllie:

“McMaster is dedicated to exploring the nuances of his native land……it would be impossible for his art not to absorb the gift of spirit that the crystal air of Scotland offers to him and to us.”

Extract from an Essay on the Land by the John Muir Trust (www.jmt.org):

“Looking at the pictures of the standing stones on Arran, I wonder what remnants of the 21st century will catch a photographer’s eye thousands of years from now. Will our archaeology be as graceful as the Machrie stones? Or will we leave behind a legacy of urban sprawl, pollution and habitat destruction?”